The Money Academy Scam Busted! [Real Review]

The Money Academy Scam Busted! [Real Review]

Looking for an honest review of The Money Academy?

This review highlights about a brand new scam named “The Money Academy”. The scam is making rounds in the online business community. I write this review to warn people for their benefit. The Money Academy is nothing but a total scam and if you sign up for it, at the end of day you will lose money. If you are interested in getting more information and knowing the truth about this scam, you are welcome to read ahead.

With so many scams going on around the internet, it is difficult to trust even the genuine ones out there. Have you had the unfortunate experience of becoming a target for these scams? If yes, then you must realize the frustration and anger that comes with it. Hopefully, if you are clever enough, you can now smell a scam from miles away.

The Money Academy – The Scam

Let’s first understand what is The Money Academy scam? Just like most of the scams, The Money Academy will entice you and lure you with promises of guiding you how to make money. No one has ever reached that milestone where The Money Academy actually told them how it is done in real. They have invested a lot of effort in creating the sales video, which is full of hype and is far from reality. The video portrays a guy’s struggle, who suddenly does some kind of magic and start making huge sum of money. This all looks too rosy and easy, isn’t it? Reality is not how it’s been shown in those videos. The Money Academy looks no different but a typical scam such as My Millionaire Mentor or Auto Home Profits. All these scams penetrates your mind in a way that you see yourself in that struggling man’s role and imagine the future full of money using their guidelines. Ultimately you end up losing money.

The Money Academy Model

The Money Academy uses false promises of success and money but in reality are nothing more than a sales gimmick. In reality, The Money Academy is just an affiliate site used to generate traffic for another business model – My Online Business Empire (commonly known as MOBE). They will promise you a fool-proof way of making money and ask you to make an initial deposit to learn all the secrets; but then you end up being wiser when you realize it was a scam. Another system that promotes Mobe in a similar fashion is complete profit code and also my millionaire mentor. These 2 programs flat out lie in order to sell you mobe.

If unfortunately you have fallen prey to The Money Academy, you will know it cost you $49, and that is the beginning. The website uses fake testimonials by people claiming to have benefited from the company in order to convince you about their fool-proof plans to make you rich and successful. They promise you a $500 return if you follow their instructions closely. Then they give you a set of instructions to follow that could require a hefty investment and that is obviously something they never mention. Be warned, you might end up spending large sums of money in hopes of recovering them and the $500 promised to you by following their directions meticulously.

Systems such as The Money Academy work as affiliates to drive traffic to bigger scams such as MOBE. They lure innocent people with false hopes, unrealistic encouragement and promises of better days. We live in a world, where people tend to make their money by robbing other less fortunate souls of their money. The Money Academy is just one of the countless scams available online. There are several measures you can adopt to protect yourselves from these scams:

· A rule of thumb to steer clear of these scams is – if they are asking for money to start with, they are probably fake.

· Make sure you do your research before you invest in any such ventures

· Remember there is no shortcut to success and if there is anyone who tells you so, then they are definitely lying

· Rather than paying money to take the advice of someone you don’t even know; isn’t it better you discussed your plans with friends and family. They will give you tons of ideas, advice and opportunities for FREE.


Never trust everything on face value. Every time you think of investing in any such strategy, step away and think. Why are they helping you? How are they making money? What is their interest in making you successful? Surely, once you start thinking along those lines, you will be able to understand such fake business models. Frankly, next time you want help and guidance, you should first consider asking people you know.

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