Sam Ovens Consulting – Is He A Scam?

Sam Ovens Consulting – Is He A Scam?

I have no doubt that you have come across Sam Oven’s ads on the internet, about him offering digital marketing consultation services. The ads are all over, from Facebook to YouTube. This prompted me to do thorough research on him. To know if he is real or he’s just another scam. So, who is he? Read on, and I will tell you all I have gathered about this guy, Sam Ovens! And then you can make your decision, an informed one, whether to seek his consultancy services.

Who Is Sam Ovens?

I got to know of Sam Oven a few years ago in an ad where he talked about him making a tidy amount of money doing digital marketing. On YouTube, I think. That was then, and he was raking in a six figure income just doing consultation. Fast forward to a couple of years later, and his income has jumped to 7-figures. And what’s more, people who followed his training program and his footsteps are earning the same too.
But how did Sam Ovens start? From what I have been able to gather about his life history, it seems he was an entrepreneur from early on in his life. At 24 years, he was already a founder and CEO of two companies. And that was even before he had left his parent’s home. Now, that’s what I would call real entrepreneurial spirit.
Since then, he has been helping companies improve their client base and earn more profits through digital marketing. For this, he has earned or calls himself a digital marketing consultant. I am sure the title befits him, seen that his clients are big names in the business world. Today, one of his companies along this line is SnapInspect, a property inspection app. which helps people/companies that do property management.

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Is Sam Ovens Legit Or A Scam?

Many people ask this question, and I am pretty sure you’re asking the same too. And the simple answer is Sam Ovens is real. I think the reason why some people doubt him is because of his many online adverts which make people think he is a spammer. And a Google search confirms this, that some people doubt him and are looking for answers regarding his legitimacy. But the doubt is only the result of lack of information. You see, if people don’t know much about you, they tend to brand you a scam, even though they have no proof. From my research, Sam Ovens is clearly legitimate. That’s as far as I know.

From my online experience, I can smell a scam from a mile away. So when I say Sam is not a scammer, I am pretty certain about it. He has featured in the Entrepreneur, giving advice on ways you can grow your business. Now, that’s not where a scammer would appear, is it?

Remember Tai Lopez? He was similarly branded a scammer, something he wasn’t. Being in the same business of online marketing like Sam, Tai Lopez spent huge amounts on adverts, only to be mistaken for a scammer.

What of Sam Ovens’ consulting?

From my research of the online reviews about Sam Ovens’ services, people have had wonderful experiences with him. True, there are complaints, mostly about his support and slow refunds. But overall, many seem to praise him. Plus I think there could be a problem with those criticizing him. Because you see, you would need put whatever you learn from him into practice for you to earn or for your business to grow; you don’t, and your earnings remain stagnant. I believe those complaining of not earning are pretty the same ones who don’t implement what they learned from him.

Consider this, after putting into action Sam Ovens program into his business; one person raised his business turnover from$ 17k to over 200k per month. Quite a jump, but that’s because he took action to implement it.I wouldn’t still want to speak for Sam Ovens’ support and refund process, and if it’s true it’s inefficient, he would need to work on it. But the complaints dated back some years ago and it’s belief that things are better now, at least.

Sam Ovens Final Thoughts

To conclude, I should say that Sam Ovens is 100% legitimate. He’s a good guy who offers webinars that are free. And if you like what you out of the free webinars, you can then decide to sign up for his program. For the teachings you will get from him to bear fruits, I would urge you to put them into practice, only then will results in term of growth of your business come.

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