My Millionaire Mentor – Pure Scam!

My Millionaire Mentor – Pure Scam!

Looking for a real review of My Millionaire Mentor?

I have been keenly following it and honestly, I have mixed feelings when it comes to it, since it looks like a huge scam. Let’s learn more about My Millionaire Mentor and I’ll let you know my honest thoughts so you can decide for yourself whether or not to invest.

I will provide my own review, opinion and also ultimate verdict below as well, highlighting every bit of information on it so carry on with the reading and soon enough, you will be in a better position to make your own decision as to whether it is indeed genuine or just a typical scam as well.

The Truth behind My Millionaire Mentor

Like I had previously outlined, when it comes to My Millionaire Mentor, I have mixed feelings. Why? It is not an actual product as would be perceived but rather just a typical MOBE sales system. Recently, I penned down a comprehensive review about MOBE here.

MOBE is a distinctive direct sales venture and in my review and final verdict, I gave it a positive rating because, in actuality, it is indeed a genuine company and not just an apparent scam. Nonetheless, the My Millionaire Mentor sales video and all the alleged claims here are not essentially accurate which has prompted my citing it as quite a pure scam!

One particular example I can allude to is the testimonials My Millionaire Mentor provides. On a closer look, the testimonials as provided in their sales video are absolutely falsified! This situation is quite saddening particularly since the testimonials of the associated company MOBE are real.

Nonetheless, the corresponding testimonials used by My Millionaire Mentor are completely falsified and have been shipped’ from Fiverr. How do I know they are not genuine? Because after some several types of research, I discovered that the individuals that make the cut as testimonial selects’ in this sales video are selling these fake testimonials and astonishingly for only $5. So this begs the question, If this mentioned system is as real as is stated, do they really need to make use of fake testimonials and some bizarre earning claims?

Moreover, contrary to the promise of earning money, you are of course NOT assured of earning $500 after watching this video. Theoretically speaking, although this firm MOBE does actually have this particular guarantee ready, you will however not acquire this $500 at least not before going through all the stated steps and ultimately spending much more money as well. Just do away with the idea of getting $500 for simply watching this video if you at any one point you are even thinking about it.

Ryan Matthews – My Millionaire Mentor

Exactly who on earth is Ryan Matthews? In reality, in case you were not aware and have fallen for this so-called’ Ryan Matthews identity, the actual truth is that he is non-existent and is simply a hoax character. These are among the reasons that are prompting my decision to label this whole system a sham! Simply because not only is it unethical, but it is also not very honest.

On the other hand, if you do follow correctly through to the company-MOBE and adhere to all the steps as alluded to, then, believe it or not, there is a possibility that you will make money. As I had earlier mentioned, MOBE in itself is a genuine brand but the issue is that there is entirely no mention anywhere of the actual creator of this system-Matt Lloyd or MOBE itself.

The website only outlines the amount of money you stand to make and provides a back-story alluding to Ryan Matthews and who according to my research is non-existent.

Final Word and Recommendations

Of all the reviews I have written, this is definitely not one I would recommend. To be honest it looks like a complete waste of time similar to complete profit code and profit with our sites which are 2 other scams I exposed lately.

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