High Ticket Income System – Expensive Scam?

High Ticket Income System – Expensive Scam?

Recently, I’ve come across a new money making system called High Ticket Income System or HTI Elite that claims that you can easily make ‘High Ticket Commissions’ and I’ve been studying it closely to know whether it is a genuine system or the same as other scams I’ve exposed. Read the complete article below to get all the details and understand whether this system is something worth your time.

Overview of High Ticket Income System

I heard about HTI Elite (High Ticket Income System) last week from a popular internet marketer. He was promoting the system when I noticed him. He was among the top earners in many systems. I knew I had to do the research to find out all about it as it appeared to be promising some big figures. I often see bold claims being made on many other systems including scams I’ve exposed like Profit With Our Sites.

What is High Ticket Income System?

High Ticket Income System is a system quite similar to the systems I’ve mentioned and also reviewed before. HTIS and all these programs or systems follow the same model called licensing. It is the method to sell other company’s products at very high commissions. It is similar to affiliate marketing but here you also have to buy the products first to sell them. It offers higher commission rates than affiliate marketing. It is a good program to join in if you are willing to work for it. You will earn your investment generally in first few sales as it offers very high commission rates.

High Ticket Income System – Positives

The first positive as already mentioned is the high commission rates. There are also other positives which make it a proven system to join. The package includes DFY (Done For You) sales funnel, tracking software and professional DFY sales videos. With DFY sales funnel you can instantly set up with no programming or hosting. You are now ready to generate leads. Another thing you get is a tracking software which makes tracking all your commissions easy. Tracking your commissions is a great help in your business. If you are a newbie, you won’t understand how great tracking is but once you gain more experience you’ll understand that tracking is one of the most important aspects of profitable online marketing. It is very easy to scale up your business if you know exactly where your business is coming from. You also get professionally DFY sales videos. These videos are pretty much same as DFY funnels. Since everyone is doing business using videos, I am not sure why to have to mention it because it is understood. But still, you get it.

The Negatives…

Just because I’ve mentioned so many positives about it, does not mean it has not got any negatives. The first negative is very much obvious. You have to pay to be a part of the system. You have to buy the products in order to sell and market them. With regular affiliate marketing, you can just sign up and start marketing and selling the products without paying anything. It sure is based on the licensing model, which gives you higher commission rates but the initial payment is still a negative point. The second negative point is that you need to have a lot of money to buy the products in the firs place. You also have to position yourself up in the chain to make all the money fast. Another negative aspect of this kind of system is that you are also a product. In fact, you are a product of a product. Therefore, you will have to convince and recruit other people to join your chain. Systems like this also called MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Pyramid Structure Marketing. Many people consider this kind of program to be a scam as there are no “real products”, so it is very hard to recruit people for your marketing. The last negative of this system is you have to work a lot initially to make sure you recruit the right people who will recruit the right people and so on.

High Ticket Income System Conclusion

Even though I would not recommend this program or system to make money, this is definitely not a scam.

If you want to see what I recommend then check it out below.

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