Complete Profit Code – Stupid Scam!

Complete Profit Code – Stupid Scam!

Complete Profit Code is a new system that I have been taking a closer look at and I must say I am not impressed. To me this looks like a stupid scam that is only going to leave people disappointed after they lose money by investing. Today I will be sharing my full thoughts in this honest review.

Complete Profit Code Overview

I just got wind of the Complete Profit Code a while ago, and like many, I must say I was impressed by its name. However, that is basically what it really amounts to; an impressive name. A name that promises a lot, but fails to live up to expectations. Essentially, this system is a total scam, and you will never make any money through it. Generally speaking, the proponents in its bandwagon are quite simply put, a disreputable lot of online affiliates. Affiliates who are just bent on bleeding you dry for all you got. One of the glittering catchphrases they make use of is want to make money and change your life instantly! Even more absurd , they promise you can be able to make real money in just under 5 minutes. What a lame joke! What really raises the red flags is the bold assertion you can be able to make money without any acquired experience or skills. While their promise that you can be your own boss and get pick your own work hours to make this program appear to be a real job, is also preposterous. At the same time, there aren’t any limited spots! From the start, this is just a load of nonsense they have formulated to sell it to naïve online marketers.

Is Complete Profit Code A Scam?

Unfortunately, the Complete Profit Code is plainly a scam and does not even vary from others. I recently had the privilege to review other notable scams such as Affiliate Millionaire Club as well as Easy Marketers Club. No one who has enrolled with them has ever made money. The real strategy of those behind this scam is to try to hoodwink you and milk you dry for all you’ve got. The program commences by your advancing $97, and then you are led to a series of up-sells video content. The main objective is self evidently an attempt to obtain more cash from you. I have no issues with up-sells, that is when they are really helpful products. But this is definitely not the case with the Complete Profit Code. For instance, a terrific up-sell could be like purchasing a digital camera on and getting an offer for batteries as well. However, with this scam, these up-sells are a sheer waste of time, calculated to extract more cash from you.

This system is very similar to others I have exposed recently such as Profit With Our Sites.

Complete Profit Code Uses Fake Endorsements

One other issue that struck me as very suspicious was the blatant utilization of fraudulent endorsements along with fake customer reviews on this system’s website. When it comes to the reviews, there happen to be numerous individuals testifying they managed to make good money with this scam. For your information, these are simply random images of people featuring positive captions below them. I would not be shocked to find out that these images are just cheap stock photo or, even perhaps, images that have been captured via Google Images. These individuals who have being featured in these testimonials might not even know their images have been utilized for the purpose of marketing this phony system. As for the endorsements, the shady characters behind Complete Profit Code, have tried to cast it as having been featured on several sites, including CNN and Fox. Yet, these well known brands would never attempt to feature a scam. The sad truth is that these people are simply using these glamorous endorsements to lure more victims as the mention of these brands, invariably, creates trust. In truth, I find nothing amiss with the use of endorsements to promote a product. But such marketing strategies should also authentic as well as valid to build the trust these affiliate are keen on fostering. Other than, any other usage of these endorsements is just simply a dangerous fraudulent practice, which is wrong and unethical.


Please don’t waste your time with Complete Profit Code. It will only leave you disappointed and you will be wishing you never got involved in the first place.

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