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The Money Academy Scam Busted! [Real Review]

The Money Academy Scam Busted! [Real Review]

Looking for an honest review of The Money Academy?

This review highlights about a brand new scam named “The Money Academy”. The scam is making rounds in the online business community. I write this review to warn people for their benefit. The Money Academy is nothing but a total scam and if you sign up for it, at the end of day you will lose money. If you are interested in getting more information and knowing the truth about this scam, you are welcome to read ahead.

With so many scams going on around the internet, it is difficult to trust even the genuine ones out there. Have you had the unfortunate experience of becoming a target for these scams? If yes, then you must realize the frustration and anger that comes with it. Hopefully, if you are clever enough, you can now smell a scam from miles away.

The Money Academy – The Scam

Let’s first understand what is The Money Academy scam? Just like most of the scams, The Money Academy will entice you and lure you with promises of guiding you how to make money. No one has ever reached that milestone where The Money Academy actually told them how it is done in real. They have invested a lot of effort in creating the sales video, which is full of hype and is far from reality. The video portrays a guy’s struggle, who suddenly does some kind of magic and start making huge sum of money. This all looks too rosy and easy, isn’t it? Reality is not how it’s been shown in those videos. The Money Academy looks no different but a typical scam such as My Millionaire Mentor or Auto Home Profits. All these scams penetrates your mind in a way that you see yourself in that struggling man’s role and imagine the future full of money using their guidelines. Ultimately you end up losing money.

The Money Academy Model

The Money Academy uses false promises of success and money but in reality are nothing more than a sales gimmick. In reality, The Money Academy is just an affiliate site used to generate traffic for another business model – My Online Business Empire (commonly known as MOBE). They will promise you a fool-proof way of making money and ask you to make an initial deposit to learn all the secrets; but then you end up being wiser when you realize it was a scam. Another system that promotes Mobe in a similar fashion is complete profit code and also my millionaire mentor. These 2 programs flat out lie in order to sell you mobe.

If unfortunately you have fallen prey to The Money Academy, you will know it cost you $49, and that is the beginning. The website uses fake testimonials by people claiming to have benefited from the company in order to convince you about their fool-proof plans to make you rich and successful. They promise you a $500 return if you follow their instructions closely. Then they give you a set of instructions to follow that could require a hefty investment and that is obviously something they never mention. Be warned, you might end up spending large sums of money in hopes of recovering them and the $500 promised to you by following their directions meticulously.

Systems such as The Money Academy work as affiliates to drive traffic to bigger scams such as MOBE. They lure innocent people with false hopes, unrealistic encouragement and promises of better days. We live in a world, where people tend to make their money by robbing other less fortunate souls of their money. The Money Academy is just one of the countless scams available online. There are several measures you can adopt to protect yourselves from these scams:

· A rule of thumb to steer clear of these scams is – if they are asking for money to start with, they are probably fake.

· Make sure you do your research before you invest in any such ventures

· Remember there is no shortcut to success and if there is anyone who tells you so, then they are definitely lying

· Rather than paying money to take the advice of someone you don’t even know; isn’t it better you discussed your plans with friends and family. They will give you tons of ideas, advice and opportunities for FREE.


Never trust everything on face value. Every time you think of investing in any such strategy, step away and think. Why are they helping you? How are they making money? What is their interest in making you successful? Surely, once you start thinking along those lines, you will be able to understand such fake business models. Frankly, next time you want help and guidance, you should first consider asking people you know.

Blazing Trader Scam Exposed? [Real Review]

Blazing Trader Scam Exposed? [Real Review]

Have you heard about Blazing Trader?

Blazing Trader Overview…

It is most likely that you’ve heard about it on advertisements, social media or on the website. I have heard about it from a friend who had traded with it and lost a substantial amount of money. Then I took it as an obligation to research and analyze the process involved; from the time of signing in to the website up to the time someone realizes they’ve lost money. This is a new scam that has recently gained popularity. You probably have heard about this easy way of getting money after an initial deposit of $250. Well, here is the truth about it. The Truth about Blazing Trader It is only recently that I heard about Blazing Trader. However, it seems to have gained its popularity faster and easily. How could this have happened? Scammers pay their affiliates and broker a significant amount of money to spam our email inbox with promotion content repeatedly.

In the case of Blazing Trader, the website contains an exciting content that gives hope of fortune. It is argued that signing in and activating your account is free. However, after signing in, you’re required to place a deposit of $250 and wait for your luck – that of winning yourself large amounts of money. Could it be real? Find out below. After signing in to the Blazing Trader and depositing the initial deposit, it is obvious that you’ll not get any of the promised deals as it is on advertisements and email messages. Your initial deposit is an aid for the payment of the website owner. The more people sign in and deposit the initial amount, the more pay the site owner gets. The trick comes in the testimonials – those who claim to have benefited from signing in to the Blazing Trader. These are people who act as real participants, but they truly aren’t.

They’re people used to win the trust of the public but are part of the team planning to get large amounts of money from people. I have had the chance to talk with several participants who lost a substantial amount of money to Blazing Trader. One of them has lost as much as $12,000 to this website. You would be wondering how this is possible. The initial deposit automatically disappears from your account, and a zero balance remains in it. You’d then receive calls from the Blazing Trader experts asking you to deposit more money or try better software. You’d then be lured into depositing more money. Who’s Involved in the Blazing Trader? The main character in the spamming activity is the owner of the website. This is the person who mainly came up with the idea. There is a frequency in launching new scams that seem to be more promising and real than the previous existing scams.

Many offers and promotional activities come up; mostly to lure people into the business. Development of the scams is done internally – I mean by people who work with the owner of the website to largely drain money from people. It is more likely that one person comes up with an idea and the others help in marketing and advertising. The money earned is shared among the owner, affiliates, and brokers paid under commission terms. Binary brokers are also involved in the Binary Trader scam. These are people who facilitate the trading activities. They make it easy for people to understand the process of signing in and depositing money to the website.

Their work is to manipulate peoples’ minds by first winning their trust. They usually do this by helping people in winning the trade through manipulating the website. After winning an individual’s trust, they convince them in depositing a large amount of money which is income to them, the owner and affiliates. It is only after this that you notice it is a scam business. Conclusion As I said earlier, Blazing Trader is a scam business. As per the details above, it is clear that this is a business aimed at draining money from people without their knowledge. I’ve heard from some individuals who have lost money from this trade. Don’t be manipulated by such people who seek to get money through fast and easy ways. Recommendation There are many genuine online jobs that can earn you real money. Research on such jobs and start making money.

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Domainer Elite Pro Review by Jamie Lewis [Scam or Real?]

Domainer Elite Pro Review by Jamie Lewis [Scam or Real?]

The famous internet marketer Jamie Lewis has launched a new product called Domainer Elite Pro. To know if the product is an useful or just a scam designed to drain your money, read along the as I share my opinion on this page.

About Domainer Elite Pro

Domainer Elite Pro has been the talk of the market and so let us dive in and learn more about the product. On checking the product minutely one can easily observe that the product encourages the user to make money online by selling websites. This is an updated edition of a successful product that was also launched by Jamie Lewis a few years back. Jamie Lewis is famous personality in the online marketing field and his products have dominated the market for quite a few years now. Back in the year 2010, Jamie Lewis shot into fame by launching a series of products that fared very well in the market. Though it cannot be denied that some of Lewis’ products have been unsuccessful and have even turned out to be scams but Domainer Elite Pro is a well designed product that can genuinely help you earn money online.

Jamie Lewis is one of the best internet marketers when it comes to designing online schemes of selling websites. A couple of years back one of his listings was sold at a six figure sum which leaves no doubt about his ability. The good thing about this product is that Lewis has actually used his own method instead of selling some random method. While a lot of internet marketers introduce scams which never leads any revenue, Domainer Elite Pro has a genuine system to help the users to earn money online.

Is Domainer Elite Pro A Scam?

Having run through the product thoroughly and after matching it with some genuine reviews on the internet i can safely declare this as a true online money making scheme and that it is not even close to a scam. I am experienced in reviewing products like these as i run a blog related to online marketing and so i can easily spot products that are scams but this one looks like a genuine one. The product is also listed on the JVZOO network which almost guarantees better quality than the products listed on other networks.

Some obvious scams we exposed lately are complete profit code and digital income method.

Who Is Jamie Lewis?

Though it has become tough to identify fake personalities over the internet as a majority of systems utilize actors for better sales and the whole background that is provided about the creator is a fake story. Jamie Lewis is not one of those fake actors and has been present in the online marketing field for a long time. Though the field has witnessed the arrival and departure of many such many such marketing gurus, Jamie Lewis has hung on and made a fortune out of online marketing. The fact that the product is designed by Jamie Lewis is a healthy sign as customers can invest without the fear of a scam.

Negatives :

It is very common for products to have negative sides to it and like many of the online marketing products the Domainer Elite Pro also has it’s own disadvantages. One should never expect an online marketing product to be flawless and as a reviewer who has reviewed over a hundred products, i can assure you that even the best products have their own problems. Let us check the flaws of Domainer Elite Pro.

The fact that the user needs to continuously flip domains to make a profit can be considered a disadvantage of the product. The Domainer Elite Pro does not allow the offer of making money through residual revenue. One needs to be affiliated for tools such as hosting, website builders and auto-responders for making money through residual income. The Domainer Elite Pro does not allow the users this way of making money and the user needs to keep on selling websites to make money continuously.

Positives :

Though the fact that the product does not allow the user to make money through residual income can be viewed as a negative side of the product it has a positive side to it as well. The Domainer Elite Pro offers a big payday to users over time. I have experienced it myself while selling websites online with Domainer Elite Pro when i made over ten thousand dollars in a day. Though these big pay days don’t come that often, one of them can surely make up for the lack of residual income. Other positives of the product includes its low cost, effectiveness and the fact that one can earn a substantial amount of money if he sticks to it.

Domainer Elite Pro Conclusion

After having spent a lot of time with the product i can safely recommend this product to my readers as i am sure that this is not a scam and can help someone who is interested in making some money online. If you are interested in the product you can buy the product from here.

My Millionaire Mentor – Pure Scam!

My Millionaire Mentor – Pure Scam!

Looking for a real review of My Millionaire Mentor?

I have been keenly following it and honestly, I have mixed feelings when it comes to it, since it looks like a huge scam. Let’s learn more about My Millionaire Mentor and I’ll let you know my honest thoughts so you can decide for yourself whether or not to invest.

I will provide my own review, opinion and also ultimate verdict below as well, highlighting every bit of information on it so carry on with the reading and soon enough, you will be in a better position to make your own decision as to whether it is indeed genuine or just a typical scam as well.

The Truth behind My Millionaire Mentor

Like I had previously outlined, when it comes to My Millionaire Mentor, I have mixed feelings. Why? It is not an actual product as would be perceived but rather just a typical MOBE sales system. Recently, I penned down a comprehensive review about MOBE here.

MOBE is a distinctive direct sales venture and in my review and final verdict, I gave it a positive rating because, in actuality, it is indeed a genuine company and not just an apparent scam. Nonetheless, the My Millionaire Mentor sales video and all the alleged claims here are not essentially accurate which has prompted my citing it as quite a pure scam!

One particular example I can allude to is the testimonials My Millionaire Mentor provides. On a closer look, the testimonials as provided in their sales video are absolutely falsified! This situation is quite saddening particularly since the testimonials of the associated company MOBE are real.

Nonetheless, the corresponding testimonials used by My Millionaire Mentor are completely falsified and have been shipped’ from Fiverr. How do I know they are not genuine? Because after some several types of research, I discovered that the individuals that make the cut as testimonial selects’ in this sales video are selling these fake testimonials and astonishingly for only $5. So this begs the question, If this mentioned system is as real as is stated, do they really need to make use of fake testimonials and some bizarre earning claims?

Moreover, contrary to the promise of earning money, you are of course NOT assured of earning $500 after watching this video. Theoretically speaking, although this firm MOBE does actually have this particular guarantee ready, you will however not acquire this $500 at least not before going through all the stated steps and ultimately spending much more money as well. Just do away with the idea of getting $500 for simply watching this video if you at any one point you are even thinking about it.

Ryan Matthews – My Millionaire Mentor

Exactly who on earth is Ryan Matthews? In reality, in case you were not aware and have fallen for this so-called’ Ryan Matthews identity, the actual truth is that he is non-existent and is simply a hoax character. These are among the reasons that are prompting my decision to label this whole system a sham! Simply because not only is it unethical, but it is also not very honest.

On the other hand, if you do follow correctly through to the company-MOBE and adhere to all the steps as alluded to, then, believe it or not, there is a possibility that you will make money. As I had earlier mentioned, MOBE in itself is a genuine brand but the issue is that there is entirely no mention anywhere of the actual creator of this system-Matt Lloyd or MOBE itself.

The website only outlines the amount of money you stand to make and provides a back-story alluding to Ryan Matthews and who according to my research is non-existent.

Final Word and Recommendations

Of all the reviews I have written, this is definitely not one I would recommend. To be honest it looks like a complete waste of time similar to complete profit code and profit with our sites which are 2 other scams I exposed lately.

Digital Income Method Scam? [Real Review]

Digital Income Method Scam? [Real Review]

Today I am looking at the Digital Income Method. In this article, we will provide readers with a full review of this program. We will look at whether this method actually works, or if it is a scam like so many others. Please continue reading to find out more.

The Truth Of The Digital Income Method

You are probably wondering whether or not this program is a scam like so many others. Or is it a program that actually works? I have been taking some time to find out as much as I can about this and I am pleased to inform readers that it definitely is not a scam. Mack Mills is a real person. He is a genuine individual who has been earning thousands of dollars in a range of different businesses.

The Digital Income Method is a sales system which has been designed for Digital Altitude. This is one of the things that Mills has been doing for decades and has been successful with it every time. Mills is known to have designed and introduced many different systems that are specifically for advertising a range of opportunities. I can tell you that millions have people have used these and have loved them all.

Not long ago, Mack came up with the Daily Income Method. This name is very close to his latest system. He came up with the Daily Income Method for a business called MCA. MCA have taken remarkably well to this system and there are a lot of people and businesses who are starting to appreciate it. The Digital Income Method works much the same as the Daily Income Method. It is a sales system whose purpose is to advertise Digital Altitude.

The truth is that most businesses who are into network advertising, are very bad at coming up with a specific sales system. Especially when it comes to advertising their products and services. Even the businesses who do well with this, still do not have much money behind them. This is what Mills has succeeded in and how he has been able to help individuals and businesses. He knows how to develop systems and create large teams.

How Then Does The Digital Income Method Work?

The idea behind this system is simple. It gives businesses the chance to advertise their products and services. This is not much different to the Daily Income Method. Mack allows businesses to take advantage of his sales system by giving them opportunity to advertise Digital Altitude.

Those who use this system will also be able to take advantage of the members only section. Here, members will be able to use a wide range of materials specifically for advertising. This includes a lead capture page and a sales page. This will help businesses to sell their products and services quickly. A range of other advertising resources may also be used through the members only section. These will help businesses to keep track of the traffic coming to them and assist in making sales. I can assure you that Digital Income Method will greatly help you to gain more traffic to your business.

Some time ago, Mills decided to create another new sales system. This was designed specifically for Digital Altitude. This went very well. However, in this latest system, Mills has done even better. This is how the latest method’s name came about. Whilst Mack has already created a large team in this industry, it would seem he is keeping busy and occupied for another round.

What Is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is the name of the business that Mill’s Digital Income Method advertises. It started operating approximately twelve months ago during the year 2016. Since then, it has been getting bigger and bigger very quickly. Digital Altitude is a business who allow people and businesses to earn money by re-selling their products and services. When things are re-sold, the seller will gain as much as sixty per cent of commissions that are three levels deep.

In fact, I am an affiliate of this business. I have earned more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It really is an excellent business that allows people to earn some good money quickly.

Is Digital Income Method A Scam?

The simple answer to this is no. Mack Mills is a true genuine and has earned a lot of money in this industry. Everything that he creates have been successful. I have been able to advertise several of his opportunities for him by using his sales systems. They have all worked very well and the outcomes have been amazing.

Digital Income Method is very different to other scams out there. As also is Digital Altitude. In saying that, I encourage you to understand that know that this is a high ticket opportunity. Know that it can get expensive if you would like to get to the top. In saying that, you will be able to earn a very large sum of money.

Some examples of of scams we have exposed here at profit with our sites and complete profit code.

The Positives And Negatives

Some positives of this great system include:
Several streams of income. It is a proven system. It can give you a huge commission. It will do the difficult work on your behalf. The sales materials are all of high quality. The start up costs are next to nothing.

Some negatives of the system include:

Digital Altitude can get expensive. The advertising resources are limited. There is not much training involved. You will have to pay to use the advertising system.

Now that we have done a full review of the Digital Income Method, I am pleased to tell you it is not a scam. Feel free to sign up and join if you are interested. At the moment I am taking part in another opportunity so it is not my recommendation.

Complete Profit Code – Stupid Scam!

Complete Profit Code – Stupid Scam!

Complete Profit Code is a new system that I have been taking a closer look at and I must say I am not impressed. To me this looks like a stupid scam that is only going to leave people disappointed after they lose money by investing. Today I will be sharing my full thoughts in this honest review.

Complete Profit Code Overview

I just got wind of the Complete Profit Code a while ago, and like many, I must say I was impressed by its name. However, that is basically what it really amounts to; an impressive name. A name that promises a lot, but fails to live up to expectations. Essentially, this system is a total scam, and you will never make any money through it. Generally speaking, the proponents in its bandwagon are quite simply put, a disreputable lot of online affiliates. Affiliates who are just bent on bleeding you dry for all you got. One of the glittering catchphrases they make use of is want to make money and change your life instantly! Even more absurd , they promise you can be able to make real money in just under 5 minutes. What a lame joke! What really raises the red flags is the bold assertion you can be able to make money without any acquired experience or skills. While their promise that you can be your own boss and get pick your own work hours to make this program appear to be a real job, is also preposterous. At the same time, there aren’t any limited spots! From the start, this is just a load of nonsense they have formulated to sell it to naïve online marketers.

Is Complete Profit Code A Scam?

Unfortunately, the Complete Profit Code is plainly a scam and does not even vary from others. I recently had the privilege to review other notable scams such as Affiliate Millionaire Club as well as Easy Marketers Club. No one who has enrolled with them has ever made money. The real strategy of those behind this scam is to try to hoodwink you and milk you dry for all you’ve got. The program commences by your advancing $97, and then you are led to a series of up-sells video content. The main objective is self evidently an attempt to obtain more cash from you. I have no issues with up-sells, that is when they are really helpful products. But this is definitely not the case with the Complete Profit Code. For instance, a terrific up-sell could be like purchasing a digital camera on and getting an offer for batteries as well. However, with this scam, these up-sells are a sheer waste of time, calculated to extract more cash from you.

This system is very similar to others I have exposed recently such as Profit With Our Sites.

Complete Profit Code Uses Fake Endorsements

One other issue that struck me as very suspicious was the blatant utilization of fraudulent endorsements along with fake customer reviews on this system’s website. When it comes to the reviews, there happen to be numerous individuals testifying they managed to make good money with this scam. For your information, these are simply random images of people featuring positive captions below them. I would not be shocked to find out that these images are just cheap stock photo or, even perhaps, images that have been captured via Google Images. These individuals who have being featured in these testimonials might not even know their images have been utilized for the purpose of marketing this phony system. As for the endorsements, the shady characters behind Complete Profit Code, have tried to cast it as having been featured on several sites, including CNN and Fox. Yet, these well known brands would never attempt to feature a scam. The sad truth is that these people are simply using these glamorous endorsements to lure more victims as the mention of these brands, invariably, creates trust. In truth, I find nothing amiss with the use of endorsements to promote a product. But such marketing strategies should also authentic as well as valid to build the trust these affiliate are keen on fostering. Other than, any other usage of these endorsements is just simply a dangerous fraudulent practice, which is wrong and unethical.


Please don’t waste your time with Complete Profit Code. It will only leave you disappointed and you will be wishing you never got involved in the first place.

Sam Ovens Consulting – Is He A Scam?

Sam Ovens Consulting – Is He A Scam?

I have no doubt that you have come across Sam Oven’s ads on the internet, about him offering digital marketing consultation services. The ads are all over, from Facebook to YouTube. This prompted me to do thorough research on him. To know if he is real or he’s just another scam. So, who is he? Read on, and I will tell you all I have gathered about this guy, Sam Ovens! And then you can make your decision, an informed one, whether to seek his consultancy services.

Who Is Sam Ovens?

I got to know of Sam Oven a few years ago in an ad where he talked about him making a tidy amount of money doing digital marketing. On YouTube, I think. That was then, and he was raking in a six figure income just doing consultation. Fast forward to a couple of years later, and his income has jumped to 7-figures. And what’s more, people who followed his training program and his footsteps are earning the same too.
But how did Sam Ovens start? From what I have been able to gather about his life history, it seems he was an entrepreneur from early on in his life. At 24 years, he was already a founder and CEO of two companies. And that was even before he had left his parent’s home. Now, that’s what I would call real entrepreneurial spirit.
Since then, he has been helping companies improve their client base and earn more profits through digital marketing. For this, he has earned or calls himself a digital marketing consultant. I am sure the title befits him, seen that his clients are big names in the business world. Today, one of his companies along this line is SnapInspect, a property inspection app. which helps people/companies that do property management.

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Is Sam Ovens Legit Or A Scam?

Many people ask this question, and I am pretty sure you’re asking the same too. And the simple answer is Sam Ovens is real. I think the reason why some people doubt him is because of his many online adverts which make people think he is a spammer. And a Google search confirms this, that some people doubt him and are looking for answers regarding his legitimacy. But the doubt is only the result of lack of information. You see, if people don’t know much about you, they tend to brand you a scam, even though they have no proof. From my research, Sam Ovens is clearly legitimate. That’s as far as I know.

From my online experience, I can smell a scam from a mile away. So when I say Sam is not a scammer, I am pretty certain about it. He has featured in the Entrepreneur, giving advice on ways you can grow your business. Now, that’s not where a scammer would appear, is it?

Remember Tai Lopez? He was similarly branded a scammer, something he wasn’t. Being in the same business of online marketing like Sam, Tai Lopez spent huge amounts on adverts, only to be mistaken for a scammer.

What of Sam Ovens’ consulting?

From my research of the online reviews about Sam Ovens’ services, people have had wonderful experiences with him. True, there are complaints, mostly about his support and slow refunds. But overall, many seem to praise him. Plus I think there could be a problem with those criticizing him. Because you see, you would need put whatever you learn from him into practice for you to earn or for your business to grow; you don’t, and your earnings remain stagnant. I believe those complaining of not earning are pretty the same ones who don’t implement what they learned from him.

Consider this, after putting into action Sam Ovens program into his business; one person raised his business turnover from$ 17k to over 200k per month. Quite a jump, but that’s because he took action to implement it.I wouldn’t still want to speak for Sam Ovens’ support and refund process, and if it’s true it’s inefficient, he would need to work on it. But the complaints dated back some years ago and it’s belief that things are better now, at least.

Sam Ovens Final Thoughts

To conclude, I should say that Sam Ovens is 100% legitimate. He’s a good guy who offers webinars that are free. And if you like what you out of the free webinars, you can then decide to sign up for his program. For the teachings you will get from him to bear fruits, I would urge you to put them into practice, only then will results in term of growth of your business come.

The Lotto Crusher System – Scam System!

The Lotto Crusher System – Scam System!

I wish to welcome you to my unbiased, insightful review of The Lotto Crusher System!

You must have already read several reviews about this system. Unfortunately, most of them are scams; affiliates, who are interested parties trying to dupe you into purchasing the system, and as such, you shouldn’t take them seriously. I, therefore, have decided to come up with a trustworthy review that brings out all its details so as to give you an insight that will help you to make an informed judgment about the system.

Who benefits from the system?

The Lotto Crusher System was created to help people predict the lottery. And, that’s precisely the reason the system doesn’t work. You see, the lottery is totally unpredictable! So, forget about the system helping you make money; you will not be able to make a single cent’, let alone a penny from the Lotto Crush system. The only person who stands to benefit heavily from it is the owner. The money he will make selling the software to you as well as to millions of other unsuspecting individuals will eventually enrich the owner.

How Lotto Crusher system works

The system works by taking in seven previous winning numbers. An internal system then proceeds to split out probable winning numbers and outputs the numbers for you play with so as to win. So, supposedly, by doing that you are assured to win! That’s correct; you win just like that! But honestly speaking, that’s how the lotto crusher works; it has no magic or any special qualities or attributes.

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The Lotto Crusher – Fake reviews

You will find very many reviews and testimonials that are falsely claiming that this system is genuine and that it has helped them realize big wins. Even the videos, purportedly from past users that testify to its usefulness, are done by actors, and hence you shouldn’t take seriously. Most of such actors are available on Fiverr, the site where some people are ready to do anything, including selling their won souls for just five dollars! It’s sadly that bad. The guys on the website can create fake testimonials for anyone for as little as 5 dollars, claiming that the system is awesome! They have no choice because they are under strict instructions to praise the system and make it attractive to other potential customers through their testimonials. So, you must not believe these reviews because they are pure hype.

The Lotto Crusher System – Scam?

Yes! In my considered opinion, the Lotto Crusher system is a scam. While we wish to win the lottery, the chances of doing so are extremely slim. I am among the very many people who regularly play the lottery, which is nothing to be ashamed for because, really, because who doesn’t want to get rich quick? But unlike other players who heavily rely on the lotto crusher system, I play knowing very well that lottery is a game of chances! You can only increase your chances of winning by purchasing more tickets. For instance, if the probability of winning when you buy one ticket is 0.1, buying three tickets allows you to triple your prospect.

There is no shortcut to winning or even a system that can give you an advantage over other players. For this reason, I personally strongly believe the lotto crusher system is a scam. The lottery is purely a game of luck. You can’t possibly use past results to envisage future lottery numbers. The two sets of numbers (previous and future) are mutually exclusive. Even in the unlikely event that there would be the slightest similarity that would only be coincidental. Take it from me; any set of numbers that ever came up in the past have absolutely no influence on the numbers that will come next.

The Lotto Crusher System – Verdict

My advice to anyone who is on the verge of investing in lotto crusher system, hoping to win huge sums of money is: do not leave your future to chance. Stop wasting your money on a system that doesn’t work. Instead, check out what I recommend below.

Cash Finder System Scam? Real Review!

Cash Finder System Scam? Real Review!

Today I am taking a look at the Cash Finder System and sharing my honest opinion with you. If you are looking for a real review that doesn’t BS you then keep reading and I’ll do my best to give you all the real and juicy details.

Cash Finder System Review

There are some major shortcomings as far as Cash Finder System is concerned and it would be worthwhile to have a closer look at it. If you are tired of all those scams promising the moon then I recommend that you read this review below.

Please Do Not Sign Up For Cash Finder System

Though the Cash Finder System has been growing it is not growing the right way. It is a scam which I feel is spreading like wildfire and I suggest that you stay away from it. It is almost on the same lines as that of Max Daily Profits or My Millionaire Mentor. It promises massive amounts of money for very small efforts and therefore it has to be too good to be true. Reading this review I am sure will help you to get the real information.

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It Talks About Big Money

If you look at the website, I am sure it will talk about earning $3,000, $5,000 and even $10,000. Is it really that simple that you make such big money within the shortest period of time? The answer is no and it is not simply possible. I strongly believe that it is pure and simple humbug and you will never be able to make that kind of money. So according to me it is just another scam out the. I have been at this for quite some time and therefore we can spot a scam a few miles away. These new systems very little value for money and we believe this also is the same.

Other Reviews Help Us

When looking at scams like Cash Finder System, I believe in taking inputs from other reviews and find out as to what people have to say. I also try and understand how money is actually made through such systems. To put things in right perspective, there isn’t anything great in this system and making even a penny from it would look impossible. Though it promises 5K and 10K USD I for one do not attach any importance to it.

What Is The Truth

What exactly is the truth about this system? After going through the system in great details and after putting in some research I was able to observe that it has got more to do with real estate. There is nothing related to making money online. It is about being a real estate broker or middle man and trying to make some commissions out of it. I feel it is about trying to find buyers for people who are keen on selling their homes. It is therefore like any other money-making system for online businesses and the worst part according to me is that it is not online in any form whatsoever.

They Provide Tools Which Are Not Going To Help Much

I have seen their members’ area which allows you to access a number of tools and other such stuff. However, I have reasons to believe that it is not really going to be of much help. It is according to me a big waste of time. It might not look like an out and out scam but at the end of the day I have reasons to believe that it will not help me to make any big money. It is highly complicated. Therefore I for one would always recommend something that is prove and I can perhaps help you to identify such proven systems instead of falling for this one.

Cash Finder System – Final Word

In fine there is no denying the fact that I have nothing positive to say about Cash Finder System. I certainly would not be recommending it. This is because it will not in any way help you to make money. I am into reviewing many such systems and of course have come across a few decent ones. However, the majority are just waste of money and time. Therefore I have no reasons to disbelieve that Cash Finder System is well and truly going to be a waste of your time if you sign up and course it also will be a big waste of your hard earned money.

WIFI Millionaire Scam? Real Truth Exposed

WIFI Millionaire Scam? Real Truth Exposed

Welcome to my review of the WIFI Millionaire. I’m going to be giving you all the details and sharing my honest opinion. So if you want a real review keep on reading.

WiFi Millionaire – Overview

WIFI Millionaire is an innovative sales presentation designed for MOBE business opportunity promotions. The application was developed by Matt Lloyd who is also the owner of MOBE. MOBE is a digital marketing company, which offers a business opportunity to interested partners. You can sign up, get trained on how to use the marketing platform, and start making money from the affiliate program. It is a great company that has taken the market by the storm and people made have millions of dollar in sales with the company. He made $150 million in sales with the company, of which most of the income was paid out to affiliates of the company.

WiFi Millionaire – Product

Like any other product, WIFI Millionaire has pros and cons. However, I at this moment state that WIFI Millionaire, just like MOBE, is not a scam. WIFI millionaire is the official sales system of MOBE, and many people have used it. It includes real users’ testimonial and facts, and you can know more about the effectiveness of the system by studying the user’s review.

There are other MOBE sales systems but are not official websites. Some include the Money Academy and the 21 Step Millionaire Coach. I recommend that you avoid websites that are not official as they sometimes misrepresent the Mobe business by using fake testimonials, income claims, and guarantees that don’t exist.

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How Does WiFi Millionaire Work?

Just like is I had stated before, WIFI Millionaire is just a front-end sales system design to help promote the MOBE business opportunity. It offers a business opportunity niche with a high ticket offer, which means it gives an opportunity to buy and resell products on offer in a niche with a high ticket. That mean as an affiliate, you can to sell products of high value, which are on offer and make a lot of money. This is the best way of making money, as instead of dealing with low ticket offers, which does not involve a lot of profit, you are thought to deal with a product that allows you to earn a lot of commissions. These products include live events and Masterclasses, of which Matt Lloyd hold some of these classes every year. You attend a business based on the level of your business, and each event includes people from different levels.

I studied this model and discovered that it almost similar with franchising but without a lot of costs involve. MOBE is just like franchising where you buy into a proven business and earn from their affiliate program. However, MOBI is far much affordable and the potential income is far much higher than the traditional franchise system.

Is WiFi Millionaire A Scam?

Although some may argue that WIFI Millionaire is a scam, in my opinion, it is not. The argument depends on how you feel about the MLM industry and the high ticket sales. Although Matt Lloyd may argue that MOBE is not an MLM company, I can personally say that it is. The system is geared toward assisting people to succeed in their marketing business by promoting MOBE and recruiting other people to join the marketing club. Some people may not like MLM, but I see nothing wrong with it as many people have made a lot of money with it.

Some may argue that the high ticket sales on offer do not worth the price, and they are just inflated to make more money. However, I have been part of another card company that works in the same way as MOBE, and I can honestly say that the products were far much expensive as compare to what is offered in MOBE.

WIFI Millionaire Conclusion

I won’t be recommending the WiFi Millionaire as I believe that I have a better solution for you to learn how to make money online. Check it out below if you are interested.